Democracy fever has the Fiery Furnaces swooning. Excess Patriotism has lead to an attempt to truly open up the political-artistic process. The Mobilization Movement needs to be flipped over onto your record player.

Therefore, the On-Line Non-Binding Caucus to determine what the Fiery Furnaces’ next studio album will be begins today! Please go stand over in the corner of the Internet next to the album of your choice. Stomp your feet and chant your candidate’s name.

Red candidates:

1. Sweetheart and Co.
Gershwin imitations as the tunes and changes. “Found” material (or imitation ‘found’ material) as the lyrics. Orphan love songs, therefore. Ensemble to feature piano, bass, and drum kit only; very sparse pretend-modern (not George-like) playing on the piano and bass; pulse kept sometimes by the drums, sometimes by the singer’s clapping.

2. Kythphiaxkis Traans-Oinomaos
A double-sided love story involving one beautiful hermaphrodite and a second, conventionally unattractive one. (The former named Aphrodite and the latter named Herm.) Songs in the style of Abba’s “Waterloo” and a few of the (early) Bee-Gees’ Greatest Hits.

3. Roughing It (Or Two Delinquent Dads)
Long-verse many-verse Dylan-style numbers with blues changes. The guitars and pianos (but not the bass), however, will be in quarter-step tunings against each other. Lots of happy-go-lucky clanging-and-banging. Many of the songs set in Old Hawaii.

4. Archer Ave. Cupid’s Corner
Chicago Fall album. (The band and the season (the band The Fall and not the band Chicago).) Music in imitation of the early 80’s, double-drumming Fall, but the ensemble consisting not of that sort of band but, instead, a 18th-century-performance-style outfit like the old Il Complesso Barocco or La Petite Bande. (Though with rock drum kit also, often.)

Blue Candidates:

1.Gangleri’s Warg
Straight Yes Close to the Edge imitating. “Helir hlyr at stali/ hafit fellr, en svifr thelli.” etc. Featuring fun songs to play live. Sure to be popular!

2. Three-dom is Two-darn One-derful (Four-dom and Eight-red Zero-in on your Five-lihood)
Funk record. Featuring the debut of the Eleanorettes (backing singers). Very dead and dark sounding. You’ll see!

3. Catamite Corner
Across the street from red number 4, apparently. Old Egyptian Soap-Opera music with bass guitar and drum kit. Like “Kashmir”, but faster, with real strings, and different sorts of lyrics. Trust me!

4. No one knows what it’s like
Very serious, almost ghoulish, Who’s Next-izing. Will there be a song called “Your Wife”? No. But there might certainly be one called “Getting Out of Tune”. Sure to be a Masterpiece!

Now, there might be a Rich Independent Candidate Album waiting in the wings. But in the meantime, Voice of the People-ize!


  1. Xavier d'ouville Says:

    I’m a bleeding-heart liberal, so I gotta vote Blue, but I gotta say, some of the Red ideas are pretty great, too (Kythphiaxkis, Roughing it, and Archer Ave. all sound like winners!) But the Blue choices are even better yet: do I have to choose only one? I’d love to hear the Fiery Furnace take on Yes’s Close To The Edge or The Who’s Who’s Next! But… I dig it when you guys get funky and drop some phat basslines on my ass, so I’m voting for “Three-dom is Two-darn One-derful,” the “funk record”. See you guys at Fitzgerald’s in Chicago in a few weeks!
    Let There be Rock, Xavier d’ouville

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